Join us in conscious waste disposal

To our customers, employees and associates:

As a company involved in the daily lives of our society, we recognize our responsibility to participate effectively in building a sustainable future.

We are changing the way we dispose of our waste, and we would like to inspire you.

We are aware that changing habits is not particularly easy, but we’d like to invite you to make this change with us. One action at a time, step by step towards a greener society.


• What? •

 Recyclable residue

We have launched our Ecoponto, a collecting facility located inside our parking lot.

Find out next what kind of materials we accept at Ecoponto Quitanda and how they should be sorted out.

  • Aluminium and other metals

    Cans in general.

    Alumínio e outros metais
  • PP and PS

    Disposable cups, packaging for cosmetics and dairy products, plastic containers such as tupperware, styrofoam trays.

    PP rígido e PS
  • PE-LD

    Packaging for cleaning products, shampoo, cosmetics and dairy. Disposable Cups, plastic containers such as tupperware, styrofoam trays.

    PE rígido e PE flexível
  • PET (E)

    Plastic bottles for soft drinks and oil.

  • C/PAP – Tetra Brik

    Milk cartons; juice, sauces and creams boxes.

    Embalagem Longa Vida
  • Paper

    Magazines, newspapers, paper packaging and rolls. Bond paper, notebooks and books.

  • Cardboard

    Corrugated fiberboard packaging.

  • Glass

    Bottles and jars.

  • Vegetable oil

    Must be in a tightly sealed container.

    Óleo vegetal

Faça parte desse movimento e traga seus resíduos para reciclar com a Quitanda

• Where? •


Our goal is to provide our community with a sustainable choice for waste disposal.

The Ecoponto at Quitanda takes only home waste. For information on commercial waste disposal, let’s talk.

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Faça parte desse movimento e traga seus resíduos para reciclar com a Quitanda

• How? •

Clean and sorted out

Clean and correctly sorted out packaging increases how much the cooperatives that participate of the Ecoponto Quitanda project might benefit from the recyclables.

Rethinking our own packaging

We offer a large line of proprietary products, made daily in our store, using our special recipes and the best ingredients, to offer tasty, healthy and easy options for our customers’ daily lives. All items in this line are presented in numerous types of packaging, from different materials.

Aiming not only to reduce the impact on the environment but also to value the work of waste pickers in the recycling cooperatives, we have taken up the challenge of making our packaging easier to recycle.

We are working hard to understand the recycling potential of each one of them, and we are committed to gradually replace those that have lower use in the recycling chain. The change has begun, we are replacing most of the hard to recycle materials with more viable ones, and also reducing the amount of adhesives and paint used in the pigmentation of some packages. We are aware of the enormous challenge ahead, but we will spare no effort to overcome it.

In the eyes of some, these changes may seem insignificant, but for us the impact on the environment is evident, and it also contributes enormously to our goal of becoming more and more sustainable.

Join us!

Taking better care of our waste and reducing the impact of our operation on the environment is an old dream, which we are now addressing through the Recycle with Quitanda program.

And this is just the beginning … We intend to improve and increase its scope and representation over time. In this sense, the involvement and contribution of our community are fundamental.

Participate, promote, recycle.