Welcome to Quitanda

Quitanda São Paulo

We are established in the charming neighborhood of Pinheiros since 2007. The food we sell has to meet the highest quality standards, and is carefully selected, so that what you take home is healthier and flavorful. We are tireless when it comes to the training and development of our staff, because we value warm and friendly customer service. And in order to make sure that you have a perfect experience with us, we have designed a cosy and compact store, that is complete and well-assorted at the same time.



We are proud to be acknowledged throughout the neighborhood for our astonishing fruit, greens and vegetables selection, for the way it’s displayed on the store and its fair prices. Each item is handpicked by our specialists to ensure that what we offer is as fresh, nutritious and tasty as can be.

Organics & Special Products


The search for organic, wholefoods, gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free is becoming more and more frequent and pressing. We have an entire section dedicated to this universe. Enjoy!

Bakery & Pastry

Padaria e Confeitaria

We produce a delicious selection of breads, pastries, cakes and pies, always fresh, in an artisanal manner, everyday with only the best of ingredients. We also take orders for catering events.

Cheese and Dairy products


We provide a great selection of cold cuts, deli meats and cheese to make your breakfast, a snack or even having your friends over much more appetizing. Here you will find products of different origins and production techniques – from our local, tasty traditional cheese from the farms in Minas Gerais to the refined French, Italian and Dutch cheeses.

Artisanal kitchen

Cozinha Artesanal

It is in the quality of the ingredients we use, the attention and care in preparation, all so that we can make your life easier. A team of cooks and nutritionists work every day to ensure that our pies, quiches, sauces, empanadas, pizzas, pates and everything else that comes out of our kitchen has that savory homemade taste. Our inspiration comes from family cookbooks and memories of culinary experiences that we bring from our travels, but also from the lunches at the grandparents’ house when we were little.

Wine, beer and spirits


Here you can find a wide variety of special products with very competitive prices. We’re constantly researching, tasting new vintages and bringing in new additions. The beers and the spirits are also selected by our staff. Cheers!

Meat & Poultry


We offer meat that is flavorful and juicy, according to strict standards of quality, so that we always have a perfect product for you. As in the ‘good old days’, our butchers love to help you choose the best cut for each preparation.



We offer fish with full flavor, freshness and integrity in production. Our fishmongers are constantly trained to help you choose the freshest fish and advise on the best way to prepare it. If you can’t find any particular kind you’d like to buy, just order it and we will bring it to you!



Quitanda wants to be a complete solution for your home shopping. Here you will also find the best brands of everyday items for your pantry and kitchen, like pasta, sauces, canned goods, rice, beans and more.



No surprise or special occasion is complete without flowers. From traditional roses to the more exotic types, we offer a great variety. Visit our station, where Dona Lucia and her staff will be happy to help you choose, teach you how to care for them and prepare the most beautiful arrangements for you.