Horta dos Quitandeiros En


The Horta dos Quitandeiros is our very own vegetable garden, created to provide our team with the opportunity to have a green thumb and follow the growth of the seedlings, which will later be used in our meals. We believe that through this integration with nature we can improve the quality of life of all involved in this project.

The garden is organic and is inspired by agroforestry principles. Different species are planted together and collaborate with the growth of each other, respecting the time and the space necessary for each one to develop.

The first planting took place on August 25, 2016 and by the end of September we made the first harvest, of arugula and herbs, for a salad that was shared among the volunteers of our team who have taken turns in the care of the beds. A little later, at the beginning of October, a second harvest, this time more robust, with lettuce, arugula, radish and herbs, was carried out and used for lunch at our employees’ restaurant, Casa dos Quitandeiros. New harvests are expected in the near future and we will have tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli and beets, among other varieties, planted and grown in the middle of São Paulo.

We encourage and hope that as many people as possible come by our vegetable garden and follow the development of the produce, and we encourage everyone to plant their own urban garden. It only takes a small vase on the window at home, with your favorite herb, to get started! Write to horta@quitanda.com if you have any questions or even to share your crops with us.